Josh Lieberman

Senior Manager - Geospatial Analytics Practice


Josh Lieberman has spent over 25 years building and working with models of data, processes, and enterprise organization for projects and customers at all levels of government as well as in many commercial and scientific domains. Josh has an ability to translate the expressed requirements and challenges of multiple stakeholders into enduring design concepts and concrete system blueprints. He focuses particularly on the practice of interoperability engineering, the use of open standards and industry practices to build systems that are resilient, sustainable, loosely coupled and work well with one another. Dr. Lieberman supports this practice both in published writings and with an extensive involvement in standards development activities. Josh joined Deloitte as part of the acquisition of Traverse Technologies, of which he was one of the co-founders. As lead architect and scientist at Traverse, he played a key role in the development of Web business strategy and dissemination platforms for both major commercial satellite imagery providers. At the same time, Josh served as an interoperability architect and project manager with the Open Geospatial Consortium for numerous standards testbed and pilot projects. While at Traverse, he lead research and development efforts on next-generation warfighter collaboration systems for the Air Force Research Laboratories under multiple SBIR contracts. As an active participant in the OGC for over 10 years, Josh has had a hand in the development of most of the standards published by them. At OGC, he currently serves as co-chair of the Geosemantics Working Group and as a member of the Architecture Review Board. Josh has been involved in managing diverse projects for commercial and government clients at all levels for over 20 years, from small research projects to multi-million-dollar strategic development and reengineering efforts with dozens of team members. Before focusing on geographic data issues, he worked in the field of earth and environmental sciences for many years as a researcher and consulting geochemist.