Tom Conry

URISA Board Member & Manager of GIS and Mapping Branch

Fairfax County

Tom Conry has been the manager of Fairfax County’s GIS and Mapping Branch since 1999. Over that period, the branch has progressively leveraged the incredible developments in spatial technology and in enterprise systems to deliver GIS data and services to more than 11,000 county staff and to public web users. GIS is a core service in the county and is used in numerous county systems, including CAD/911, tax administration and public works. The successful implementation of the GIS-based CAD system was a challenging multi-year, multi-agency effort. The Branch recently released an award winning web 3-D application. The GIS office today maintains and serves over 9 TB of data on the 406 sq. miles of the county. Tom has over 25 years of experience in information systems, and over 14 years of experience in GIS. Prior to joining Fairfax County he worked in private industry for 17 years, and non-profit groups before then. He has advanced degrees in both Chemistry and Computer Science. Currently he serves on the Washington DC Council of Government’s GIS Committee and has been elected to URISA’s Board of Directors.