General and Plenary Sessions

Professional Development Workshop: The Successful GIS Professional

September 13th, 2011

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Ariel Katz

Fire Fighter/Paramedic

Response Analyst

American University

Twyla McDermott

Corporate Strategic Technology Planning Manager

City of Charlotte (NC)

Careers in GIS are hot and getting hotter! The US Department of Labor has even identified geospatial technology as a high growth industry with huge potentials for jobs and positive contributions to the economy. If you want to make your way to the head of the pack and become a GIO or CGIO, you may want to think about the best way to enhance your skills. How do you know which of the alphabet soup of professional associations is worth your time – URISA, AAG GIS Specialty Group, GITA, etc.? What are the professional and technical certifications and are they valuable? If so, which is right for your immediate and long-term career goals—GISP certification and/or technical certifications? In this bonus workshop, you will have the opportunity to interact with a leading panel of experts and get inspired to advance your career in GIS to the highest level.