General and Plenary Sessions

Keynote Panel: Why GIS, Why Now?: Doing More with Less

September 13th, 2011

9:15 am - 10:30 am

Tom Conry

URISA Board Member & Manager of GIS and Mapping Branch

Fairfax County


Jerry Johnston


Geospatial Information Officer

US Environmental Protection Agency

Michael Ratcliffe

Assistant Division Chief for Geocartographic Products and Criteria, Geography Division

US Census Bureau

The role of geospatial data and technology is growing throughout numerous aspects of government. Homeland security, defense, intelligence, energy, health care, transportation, law enforcement, telecommunications, immigration, and natural resource management are all elements of the federal landscape that increasingly rely on geospatial analytics and visualization to address complex challenges. For example, federal agencies can rely on geospatial analytics to help track and manage physical assets, better understand the flow of money that supports terrorist financing, map the disbursement of funds for government assistance programs, and plan and prioritize recovery efforts for a natural disaster. But in a climate of shrinking budgets and increasing workloads, how do you get buy-in for GIS projects? This session will:

  • Identify and address performance challenges where geospatial analytics can help federal agencies whose missions demand the collaborative exchange, display and analysis of geospatial data
  • Help you develop a business case to justify geospatial projects
  • Demonstrate how to show ROI on these projects